Tuesday, 24 November 2015

NEXT CONCERT at Lincoln:

Saturday 25 February 2017 at The Alive
….tickets (£12) available now…..cake and coffee but bring you own booze!

tickets: Salamanders Park Street Lincoln or
01522 535770/watkins.folk@gmail.com (we will request that you send a cheque) 

BOB FOX…. Lincoln Saturday 29 April 2017 (another amazing acoustic evening from Bob)

COLUM SANDS….Lincoln Saturday 23 September 2017 (remember that last fantastic acoustic night with Colum at Lincoln?)

SAID THE MAIDEN …Lincoln Saturday 4 November 2017
and don't forget to check the programme at faldingworthlive.org…..


Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

folk music as a live performance…..

This is what we do…..Andy has been promoting folk events for over forty years so he has a store of contact details for most folk artists…but he is always open to suggestions and contacts from the public and new (to us) artists….the rule is that an artist must be seen in performance to be considered for booking.

Other musical genre such as blues, as well as main stream and traditional folk artists will be considered.

We go to as many local gigs and national festivals as we can to see in performance acts that have been recommended to us.

Andy is also always looking out for new local support acts, as well as inviting established local artists to support…. are you interested in doing a support act ?  Please speak to Andy using the contact details at the top of this site.

Monday, 12 January 2015

in order of appearance:

(lots more folks as well as the wonderful Ric Sanders Trio - just awaiting entry or go to faldingworthlive.org)

(£10) support tba
16 September 2017




TICKETS AND INFORMATION FOR 2016 SEASON (sorry - unable to remove the 2015 banner as yet!)
SPEAK or EMAIL to the organiser Andy Watkins for information on 01522 535770 watkins.folk@gmail.com


either: over the counter - only at

SALAMANDERS, a shop, in Park Street which is a small street opposite Ruddocks on Lincoln High Street.

Thanks again for this service to us Kim!

or: email Andy on watkins.folk@gmail.com or phone on 01522 535770 (answer phone available). 

Andy will ask you to send a sae with a cheque or, if close to the time of the concert, may be able to save tickets on the door.  (Details for sending/making out of cheque at top of website).  If you wish you can purchase tickets directly by sending an sae/cheque without contacting us first.  On receipt of your sae/cheque Andy will send you your tickets.  Unfortunately no card sales.

Monday, 1 January 2007

VENUE - the venue for Lincoln Folk in the Cellar is the UNISON CLUB

The Unison Club is in central Lincoln, one minute's walk from the High Street, seven minutes walk from the Cathedral. 

Finding us  LN1 1EZ IS THE UNISON CLUB'S POST CODE.   The Unison Club is in a red brick victorian house surrounded by trees in the BIG car park in front of Lincoln City Council offices.  Folk in the Cellar is in … its cellar!  

Usually you can park relatively easily, although we are ashamed to say that you have to pay after 6.00 pm.   The car park entrance is from Beaumont Fee Road, a left turn when coming from the direction of  Lincoln High Street, and just before (or after) and roughly opposite, the Police Station but behind a row of victorian houses.

There is no big sign saying Unison Club so you do need to look carefully. We are down some rather steep stairs at the side entrance to the building.

Access  Because of 'and down the stairs',  access isn't as easy as we would like, so for all those who are DISABLED, or anyone who doesn't like the sound of those steep steps - just contact us by phone or email a few days before a gig, and we will make sure that someone will guide you to the second access (a set of very shallow doors leading downstairs from the outside to the fire escape door into the concert room.)

Comfort  This is a seated venue.  The cellar has its own pleasant and separate bar. The beer is good and reasonably priced and tea or coffee is also available.  Seating in the concert room is on padded bench seating around the room. There are also chairs. Again if you would like us to reserve chairs or bench seating we will be pleased to do so.

Performing  John Renbourne told us that playing for us is like the old days! The acoustics are fantastic because of course the concert room is a cellar. When necessary sound is provided by the artists or some generous soul like Terry Cater, but some artists prefer not to use sound equipment and be truly acoustic.

We have a small temporary stage, which we put up for any artist who prefers a stage.  Otherwise there is no stage. We start with a forty-five minute support set from a quality local artist. The artists are very close to their audience (even if they are using the stage) and this makes for an intimate experience, which peformers like. All our main artists are contracted to play for an hour and a half. This allows them, and you, to really 'get into' the music and we feel is a different experience from say a festival performance of perhaps twenty minutes or half an hour. We really have had some fantastic evenings!