Tuesday, 24 November 2015

                   A SONG FOR VIN

SATURDAY 8 JULY 2017 8.00pm
Lincoln Unison Club Cellar as usual

Winter Wilson, Bill Whaley and Dave Fletcher, Stitherum, John Blanks, Nige and Teri, Ian and Michelle Wright and Clarty Sough

A concert with all proceeds going to a hospice for babies, one of Vin's favourite charities..Andy will give the details at the concert

Approaching an audience of fifty…we can take more but please tell us you are coming as we will need to put out more chairs (posted Friday 7 July)

The passing of Vin Garbutt has touched so many, many of us.  He was a frequent visitor to Lincoln over some forty years and we are grateful to the musicians who are donating their time and artistry to celebrate this lovely man.

Please join us at the cellar Unison Club if you can.

TICKETS: £5 - please phone 01522 535770 or email Andy watkins.folk@gmail.com

COLUM SANDS….Lincoln Saturday 23 September 2017 (remember that last fantastic acoustic night with Colum at Lincoln?)

SAID THE MAIDEN …Lincoln Saturday 4 November 2017